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Limit rent increases

Rents cannot be raised by more than 2% in 2023 The law allows rents to be updated annually. Generally the most used index for this purpose is the IPC , the inflation index. Due to the war and the general rise in prices, inflation is skyrocketing. In order to prevent tenants from having to pay […]

Mortgage cancellation

I have paid the last monthly mortgage instalment. And now, what do I do? When you pay the last instalment of the mortgage it is a happy moment, but it does not end here; it is necessary to cancel the mortgage so that the property is free of encumbrances. What is mortgage cancellation? The mortgage […]

Termination of Usufruct on Death

When the usufructuary dies, the beneficiaries must liquidate the consolidation of ownership rights created by the termination of usufruct. The heirs who acquired bare ownership at the time become full beneficiaries after the death of the usufructuary. This transition is called consolidation of ownership.

How can the digital certificate help me?

Many of our clients come to us without a digital certificate. We believe that a digital certificate is very useful, especially in the increasingly computerised society we live in, which is why one of the first things we recommend to our clients is to get one.

What should you know before buying a house?

Todo lo que debes saber antes de comprar una vivienda. Nueva, de segunda mano, documento de arras, firma de la escritura y desperfectos en el inmueble.

When we decide to buy a house, there are a series of questions that we must check beforehand, since, before the public deed of sale, we usually sign private documents (deposit, sale and purchase, etc.), which bind us and, as the purchase of a house involves an investment of money, from the first step, we […]