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Increase of fake lawyers in the south of Tenerife

Illustrious College of Lawyers of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

In the southern part of the island, there is an increasing number of complaints from professional lawyers about professional intrusion in procedures and operations that mainly affect foreign citizens residing in the area. 

Last week the newspaper Diario de Avisos echoed this situation, which we at Asilf corroborate, and we want to join forces to try to counteract the negative effects of the practices of some people, in order to improve the situation of our clients as future clients.  

The majority of these cases of professional intrusion carried out by these fake lawyers in the south of Tenerife are being detected in the most tourist areas of the island, affecting real estate operations, immigration procedures, inheritance and succession procedures and liability claims. 

The Santa Cruz de Tenerife Bar Association wanted to raise its voice on this issue, as it is having a negative impact on this sector. The number of people affected has grown exponentially, especially foreigners who have moved to live in the south of the island, and who have seen their assets compromised. The Bar Association wants to reverse this situation, so that potential foreign clients/investors are provided with greater security and confidence in this type of procedure.

After an initial appearance of legality in the media, both online and offline, these fake lawyers in the south of Tenerife, offer their services as lawyers, legal adviser  or  legal gestores, without being so. Advertisements that are not true, false lawyers who claim to collaborate with the authorities in these procedures (even placing logos, such as those of the Government of the Canary Islands or the Tax Agency). 

If the legal terms are already difficult to understand in many cases, and if we add to this the problems with languages, since the main victims are people of other nationalities, the lack of protection for these people is at its maximum.

This not only harms the professionals who operate normally in this area, who are duly qualified for the professional performance of these procedures, those who have obtained their law degree, have passed the State exam and who are also registered with the Professional Association as practising lawyers.  In addition, the image of the territory is very bad in the eyes of other potential investors, who, on learning of this problem, may decide to invest in another destination that offers them a little more confidence or whose interests are not compromised, like those of their compatriots. 

From Asilf, we would like to remind you that the offences of professional intrusion are typified in the Spanish Penal Code with prison sentences ranging from six months to two years.

In Spain, lawyers are professionals who, being in possession of the official qualification that qualifies them to practise this profession, are members of a Bar Association as practising lawyers and are professionally engaged in providing legal advice, settling disputes and defending the rights and interests of others, both public and private, in extrajudicial, judicial or arbitration proceedings. The designation of lawyer corresponds exclusively to those who are members of a Bar Association as practising lawyers.

In case of doubt, it is recommended to consult the website of the General Council of Spanish Lawyers, where there is a census of lawyers with the professionals practising throughout the country.

That is why Asilf recommends that if you are thinking of investing or need legal advice in any of these areas:


Legal Consultancy – Real Estate

Real Estate Law

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Civil Law – Family Law

Commercial Law

Inheritance and Succession – Wills and Inheritance Matters


Put yourself in the hands of professionals such as Asilf. Our firm is made up of a solid team of professionals who have extensive experience in each of their respective areas of law, and are fluent in Dutch, English and Spanish in the legal field, which allows us to fully understand the circumstances of our clients and offer them effective solutions.


Good advice, carried out by expert practising lawyers, can prevent you from having problems in the future, as ignorance of the law in Spain does not exempt you from complying with it.


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