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Real Estate Law

A§ILF offers you a team of lawyers who are experts in the purchase and sale of real estate. Therefore, although the real estate agent or the “gestor” can provide you with information, the intervention of a lawyer who is an expert in real estate consultancy, from the first moment you consider investing, is highly recommended and necessary to avoid unforeseen surprises that can cause you serious damage.

“We accompany you throughout the whole process of buying and selling your property. From the beginning to the end we will support you and advise you on where to invest”.

The services provided include, among others, the following:

  • Real estate purchase contract.
  • Acquisition of the property.
  • Risks in the purchase and sale of property.
  • Direct purchase and sale of real estate (asset deal).
  • Preliminary documents: letter of intent, exclusivity and confidentiality agreements, reservation contract, earnest money contract and purchase option.
  • Purchase and sale of real estate companies (share deal).
  • Turnkey contracts. Forward financing and forward purchase.
  • Built to rent transactions (BTR).
  • Lease contract, rental contract, legal deposit contract and guarantees.
  • Horizontal Property – Communities of Owners.
  • Notary and registry practice.
  • Real estate purchase and sale and real estate companies.
  • Procedures with the Land Registry.